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Wiring Harness?

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I was poking around under the hood and have been noticing a lot of mess in the wiring harness.

on the right side, there is a sensor that is looped to itself.. (i'm guessing there is some option that plug goes too that I didn't get?

on the left side, running into the ECU, the main top plug is open on top just waiting to collect water.

a lot of little gaps in the split loom and electric tape, where wires are visible...

Has anyone else noticed some weird wiring harness things?

Maybe I'm just grumpy because I like wires to be organized, neat, (or hidden), and the engine wiring harness on these cars just aren't any of those things.


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Haha, a bowl of spaghetti is a perfect descriptor,

I have shortened and spliced together few harnesses for the Neon SRT-4, back in 2005,

I would love to do that again for this car... but the whole warranty thing.... jeez...

Also, i'm a nub... and can't find a way to move this thread to the "Fusion V6 Sport Audio, Electronics, and Lighting" section... Can someone help me out with that?
What I can tell you from being a manufacturing engineer for wire harnesses, they will use the same harnesses, and just add all the options to all of them, and then anything that isn't used will be taped back on it self. Gaps between plugs and conduit, and conduit splits being open is also fairly common. Water will not collect in it, and even if it does, the water will not affect anything unless the wires are exposed through its insulation. I do understand that it doesn't always look perfect, but its functional.
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