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Thank you for the information. Do you know where I can find rim options based on the tire sizes? For example, rim options for 255 40 18. Also the bolt pattern must be the same 5x108 as stock? I don't know much right now because I just started to study about wheels and tires.
Hi Blaek. Yes, the new wheels must have the same bolt pattern as stock, unless you are going to get into installing lug/bolt adapters (which I would not recommend).
And you want to make sure all four corners of your vehicle use the same/extremely similar overall diameter wheel/tire, in order to ensure speedometer/odometer accuracy, avoid damage to the AWD system, and ensure proper operation of the ABS, TCS, ASC systems etc.

Here is a Tire Size Calculator which may help you fit properly sized wheels/tires to your Fusion: Tire Size Calculator

You input your factory wheel/tire size, and the aftermarket wheel/tire size to compare overall diameter.

Let us know how you make out and good luck.
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