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Waze beta for Android Auto has finally arrived

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Been a long time coming!! - For anyone who is interested.

If you have an Android phone with Lollipop (5.0) or higher, you can sign up for the Waze beta. I will be testing this tomorrow and provide some pictures
First you will need to sign up to Waze beta's in general, Then sign up for the Android Auto beta.

Not for Carplay iOS / Apple devices. That's slated for sometime in the future hopefully.
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Waze is the best app for navigation imo. Well def try this!
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Waze used to be really good, but now its just filled with fake alerts for police and other ****. 9 times out 10 when it says there is a cop ahead, there isnt. I will say though that ive never once driven past a cop that wasnt marked, its just all the false positives from people being dicks.
I use Waze and Google Maps interchangeably. Mainly depends how far of a trip I am taking. Waze is definitely nice for its Red Light Camera and Police reporting system.

The only thing I don't like about Waze is the routing, and re-routing system. Sometimes Waze will take you on a crazy non-necessary route just to save one minute.

As Jayson said, there could be false reports for Police. Actually in NJ, the state troopers sit on the side of the road with Waze open and report "cops not here". But IMO, even if a cop is reported and not there, it doesn't hurt to slow down for a minute just in case. Cop could have even moved up a little further than where he was marked to pull someone over.
I'd rather have to slow down a couple times for no reason than me spacing out not realizing I've been speeding and getting a ticket. I don't think it's people being jerks, cops do move after all...
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Attached are some photos :) Enjoy! Blanked out some stuff for safety purposes.


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I'm glad they kept the reporting in the app, I've heard some reports (before the beta was actually open for Android Auto use) they "removed some features so it remains safe while driving". I'm still waiting to hear from them (I applied a while ago). Thanks for sharing!
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