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Waiting on part for ptu seal question on vibrations

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I am still waiting on part for ford warranty on ptu seal on my 03/17 build date ffs with 63k after doing brake launch it failed days or moments maybe after lucky I was doing a ptu fluid change that week. But would that be the cause of my vibrations in the car it’s small but rapid after 60/70//80 then lowers down a notch. Ptu seal could cause vibrations? Also my p04DB or crankcase ventilation system disconnected and I’m assuming because my Tracy Lewis catch can. I don’t notice any problems from that but is it a problem? Can it hurt my engine. I can take pics on my set up?
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I had increasingly worsening vibration after the dealership changed out the seal. They must have done something but it took a while for them to diagnose. They ended up replacing the axle and CV joint I believe on the right hand side.
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