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My first impressions, I was sent out alone with the car, so it was drive it like I stole it! Not really. The speed limit in the little town is 25, I made my way out to a 45mph 2 lane and then out to a 4 lane where I wrung it out a few times. It was impressive in the sport mode and accelerated like i expected, more than enough power and with a tune, yowza it will be nice. So here are my impressions:

Interior: Like the FDE color, the steering wheel looks busy and I wish that it were thicker and firmer. Gauges, layout were acceptable. I used the paddles a few times, they worked well. Adequate room inside(i'm coming from a 2 seat 'vert.) Good sized trunk.

Exterior: Front looks like a Mustang, like the styling, meets my needs/wants and expectations. With a color I want (black) should look great with a few details I would add(brake covers, yellow tint on the fogs, fin on the antenna).

Driving: I come from a car that has firm bucket seats. The seats felt spongy as did the suspension, more body roll than I am accustom to, I am curious if the spongy feel is from the tires or the suspension in general and if there is a way to cheaply firm it up meaning new tires or upping inflation or adding the braces that are available.

The deal is in limbo as they low balled offered on my car and I said I will sell my car outright and then if still interested, do the deal. They will work with me on showing my car as a trade in to get some additional incentive money, meaning the day or 2 after selling my car, the sale deal of my car will be done at the dealership and be part of my purchase of a FOSPO. 400A pkg, hole in the roof, $29,8 plus tax and title.
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