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Hey guys wanted to let you all know I just got done fabricating and installing an intercooler upgrade for our cars. I have a 2017 Lincoln MKZ 3.0 TT AWD and the intercooler on it is the same as the Fusion sport This IC fits in the stock location and doesnt require any modifications, just remove stock IC and install new one. It uses the best intercooler core out there made by Garrett. On the stock intercooler I was seeing 205+ degrees intake air temp on IAT2 which is measured after the intercooler on a quarter mile pull. With the new intercooler I'm seeing a drop of over 70 degrees and the car continues to pull hard through all the gears instead of falling on its face when the computer pulls timing from the high IAT's.

Here is a picture of a log of the IAT's at 105 mph with the new IC:

Here is a picture of the FMIC

Here it is installed on the car

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