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I installed the livernois tune yesterday( very easy installation) and then did about a 75 mile test drive. This included launching from dead stop, highway driving with up and down shifting and backroad driving again using paddle shifters.
There is a definite improvement in all areas: throttle response, shift points and overall power both at launch and at highway speeds. If anyone wants more detail PM me.
I sent a detailed write-up to Livernois as I feel there is still a way to go but I do understand this is a fist pass and I expect a lot of improvements as we go forward.
I will be tracking the car Weds and then taking it to my local dyno tuner for 3 pulls to see exactly what the HP and Torque are. Numbers will be posted here-
I have been been having cars tuned for quite some time and I feel this tune is a good one and will get better.
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