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Just picked up the fusion this week, I gotta say, it's pretty darn nice, I think it can be a serious platform done correctly, considering I have a 2013 ST capable of 412 whp , I really wanted something that was less conspicuous, AWD and didn't scream give me a ticket lol.

I put it up on the rack today in my shop to take a quick look around, many nice mods to be had with this car! first just to have something to mod, I bought the high flow air filter, it all starts there! next the exhaust looks very heavy and restricted, time for some fab work, looking to install a cat back dual system with the Borla Pro XS mufflers, I have used them in many other applications and like how they sound, quiet but throaty down low , and not droned out, and they flow very well up top which is what this motor is wanting. that's the next little mod and will see how that works out, still waiting to hear back from my track guys for a tuning solution, I am really hoping Cobb comes through, it will turn this into a fire breathing monster, just like it's little brother "stay tuned for further development ;)
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