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I'm going to compile a list of tech articles, how-to's, guides, and anything else that may come in handy for our cars or in general automotive knowledge so we don't have to sticky 40 different threads. This will be an ongoing thing and I will add more over time. Feel free to make suggestions.

My oil change guide
Motor oil 101 You could explore this site for days learning about several aspects of fundamental automotive maintenance tech.
Oil catch can Prepare for a long read if you want an answer to the catch can debate, if there even is an answer...
Wheels/tires=18 inch minimum.

Air filter part #s: AFE Dry 31-10260, AFE oiled 30-10260, K&N 33-5000
Turbo Tech: Basic, Advanced, Expert Found on the Gerrett tech section, another neat place to explore.
Turbo math
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