Instead of going for the level 3 tail lights, I opted for the 2013-2016 Fusion tail light and trunk setup. All but two pieces are in very good condition. The first piece is the upper trunk trim piece, which I admittedly hacked to high hell on the inside trying to swap from only the trunk button it came with to the camera and trunk button I have with my car. Nothing visual on the outside though, only inside. The other piece is a plug on the harness that I tried to see if I could use for the 2013-2016 inner tail lights. Not my best idea, but all I did was try to break away some of the plastic so the wire still plugs in fine. I will attach a picture of the wire itself, as well as an image of it plugged in. The only missing parts to this setup are the license plate lights and reverse bulbs. The initial post only lets me upload two images, so I will add the other two of the wire below in a response. The price is negotiable and I am willing to ship to the lower 48. Will be happy to answer any questions. Thanks