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Some questions about my E30 Tune

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Hey guys, hope all is well! Just filled the car up with some E30 today and saw BDX show -2.50 on Knock reading and -.96 OAR, can anyone chime in and let me know if that can hurt the car...?
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What is the E content of the fuel you are running?
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I wanna say its about E45 because the calculator app actually messed me up
If you can, I would get a E sensor. My tuner would ask me what my content was and I never really had an exact answer until I had my sensor installed. It helped me dial in my tune and not have to worry about guessing.
And do you have a link for a good one?
And do you have a link for a good one?
This is what I have, it is Bluetooth and you can check it from your phone.
Ok, thank u very much!
I was gonna s ay Fuel It has a nice set up. Need to put one on mine so I can do a better job tuning for E30.
It does indeed look pretty nice. Just gotta save up for it now lol. Graduating highschool in a couple days, so i can finally start working full time, and then ill be able to actually start modifying it ;)
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