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Hi everyone!

Below you can find quick overview why I decided to Ford Fusion Sport. A lot of information is just a copy of my original introducing post, but just to give you a bigger picture of this project ;).

I am the member of the forum for 8 months – now it is the time to officially introduce the car and say to all of you a BIG THANKS for sharing all your knowledge!

Before I will start I would like to write few words why I decided for this awesome car. I am from Poland and last 7 years I had Ford Mondeo MK4 TDCI. I really like the FORD.

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Plant

My father had a first generation of FORD MONDEO as a taxi car.

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The point is that FORD FUSION SPORT is a very rare car in our country. There is a lot of FORD MONDEO’s (hatchback version) which is very popular car, however the FORD decided to not to have this engine in EUROPE, so when I saw this car in the first time I loved with this car. The people who know me asked me what all about this car is and why I am invest in this car. I answered to them – you will see!

I am creating this Topic just to let you know that there are many enthusiasts of this car not only in USA. The only way for me to have this car in my country is to buy on auction / repair it and enjoy it!
I looked for the car with the smallest damages (airbags intact, front window not broke, etc.). It was quite hard because there were not so many offers.

But suddenly it was a good shot!

My plan was to recreate the model in the original way, but I had some difficulties to get the original parts (left front head lamp, front bumper).

That is how the New Project Started.

Year of Production: 2016
Car mileage: 36K mile / 58k kilometers

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There was a plan to have FFS blackout.

After the first quick inspection:
  • wheels geometry looks fine
  • front, rear and back window are tinted
  • radiaor not brake, level of fluid fine

Major parts needs to be replaced:
  • front grill ( I ordered black one)
  • left and right wheel arch
  • hood
  • belt reinforcement
  • several fixings for belt and left lamp
  • left front full led lamp to replace
  • front bumper cover to repair
  • tires
  • battery
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I had a problem to get the new bumper cover (it is practically unavailable on our local/country market), so I decided to bring it to the specialist who profesionally renewed it. Cost of delivery from USA was too high for me - unworthy.

I had to bought additionally bumper cover to make new bumpers from 2 parts :) . The top is the same like in a titatnium vesrion or even EU Ford Mondeo but lower parts of bumper is unique for FFS.

Bumper Bicycle part Automotive exterior Grass Rim

Repaired bumper cover with new black grill

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The car is painted and ready for the first technical inspection. According to the polish law, car have to be adjust in few aspects.

Rear tail lamps should have a orange color signal light. I bought the new lamp and set the proper configuration in FORSCAN. I made also level3 tail trunk lamps.
Additionaly I need to add rear fog lamps.

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Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Vehicle registration plate

The color of the new parts is slightly different, but in the spring I will be polishing the entire paintwork.

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Playing with FORSCAN (using the spreadsheet - thanks to the guys who created it):

  • I changed the radio waves to the EU frequency
  • added cornering lighting with fog lamps
Forscan discovered two issues:

1) air temperature sensor which is located under the grill

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2) air flow sensor (had a check engine in front panel) - it caused a huge fuel consuption.

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In Europe we count the fuel consuption in slight differnet way than you in USA.

We count how many liters/galons (3,785 l = 1 gal) car use to cover 100km/ 62 miles.
So in different words i expected to burn aproximately 13-15 liters on 100km.
4gal to cover 62 miles - I hope I did not make a mistakes in counting ;)

When air flow mass sensor was not working properly car used nearly 20-22 liters in city to cover 100km...

Both sensors are replaced and FORSCAN is not showing any issues!s

Software License updated:

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I had to buy additional key. I had only one. After second key was add to the car I was able to read the original door code and set the new one.

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Finally at my Garage :)

After dechroming.
It cost about 250$ to dechrome all elemnts that I need, so I decided to make by my own. Cost of 3M 2080 gloss black wrap film is aproximatelly 30$. Maybe I did not make it as a profesional. A lot of patience needed but effect for me is very satisfactory.

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