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Ordered my Sport Friday and waiting ~8 weeks for the order to come in. Dealer got first car in Thursday, test drove that morning and ordered what I wanted. Got about every option in Magnetic minus the park assist and voice navigation (Don't need with Android Auto anyways!). I'm "patiently" awaiting this car to come in.

I'm really interested in having a stack of parts and projects prepared for when this baby comes in! Might just take a few days off work too:D

Reached out to Steeda already on exterior enhancements to make it stand out and they are working on tune and fit for kit but nothing yet. I'd expect that the 16 & 17 are going to be same fit but they said stay tuned.

Steeda Fusion Eurosport ? Steeda Performance Vehicles

Let me know any recommended sites/upgrades you'd personally recommend. I'm jealous of those that have one already!
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