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So I stopped into a gas station by my house that just changed to a VP Racing Fuels. I noticed they had a pump with 110 octane gas. What do you guys think would be a safe octane maximum? The guy inside mentioned "the sport bike guys mix the 110 and 93". I remember reading about folks mixing 93 with e85 to increase the octane but this was highly limited by the % of ethanol that was safe to use. Oh and by the way the 110 was 7.99 a gallon lol.
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have unleashed give you a 110 tune and go have some fun
I bet a 110 tune would be awesome!
110 will be leaded and smoke your O2s.
110 will be leaded and smoke your O2s.
Aaaah! I didn't actually pull up to the pump to notice that. Good to know. Definitely wouldn't want to put leaded gas in my tank..............(Google research)

This all spurred my curiosity. You can get unleaded gas in such high octane ratings as 110 from the likes of Vp, shell and Sunoco. I don't think you can via a pump however, and it's very expensive. Tuners such as unleashed can(and have) also tune for it. Interesting but not something I expect I will do.
They have 110 unleaded, but the pump will state unleaded 110.
My problem would be that I would like the extra power therefore I wouldn't want to go back to 93 lol.
Without a tune it would be a waste of money-the ECU can't take advantage of more than 93. WITH a tune it'd be possible to push boost levels higher, but heat and the size of the turbos probably limit the gains there. Might be worth an extra couple of dozen horsepower but if you want to really perk it up, it's probably gonna be the usual-bigger intercooler, better exhaust, better breathing, bigger turbos THEN start plugging in the 110!!!
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