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I live in the east bay Vacaville/Fairfield area and yet to have seen a single sport. Very few at the dealerships near me so not a very big chance. Wondering if there are any in my area?? I drive a white platinum bone stock (for now) FuSpo.
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Welcome to the group. Hope you enjoy your new FFS.

We also have a FB group at:
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Are you working at Travis AFB?
Are you working at Travis AFB?
I Do not but i work down Air Base Pkwy a little farther
I very rarely go to that area. We had a claim in Suisun City by the Wal-Mart last year. I'm usually in Tuolumne County. I've only seen one other Fusion Sport. Another white one in Copperopolis, CA. They were probably headed to Yosemite.
Welcome! Spent about 3 months in cowtown back in 2007 working at Cal-Steam right off the freeway North of Vacaville.
Oh nice! Yeah pretty much been here my whole life.. still no other Fusion sports out here haha
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