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The other morning my wife, daughter and I were headed to breakfast. As we left the light a lowered Yukon just hammered it off the light an his exhaust caught my attention so I opened her up to catch up. My wife on the other had was not amused and was Screeching and Squawking you two jackasses need to slow down. Yes in my Fusion Sport with wife installed "S Mode" = Screeching and Squawking. LOL Of course we were in front of the State Police Headquarters soooo... Anyway I laughed it off but told her this is how some street races get started. My daughter was in tears laughing from the back seat by the way, she has my sense of humor.

Then while we were on our way back from our dyno session, I was on the phone assisting a tech with an issue. I noticed a car had pulled up to my drivers side door and had slowed basically pacing me. Like I said I was busy with the tech on the phone and didn't pay much attention to the car. About the time I was hanging up he nails its and his exhaust opened up to what had be the loudest Cadillac sedan I had ever heard. I watched him as he pulled away and jokingly said to my wife, we could have taken him. Her reply was I was waiting.

So what's my point? Well I tease my wife about her "S mode" noise making but it does help remind me to slow down and be mindful even while she isn't in the car. It's fun to run a guy or gal from time to time and as we are mostly a older crowd here I would like to believe we pick and choose our challenges based on situation and surroundings. Something that reminded me of this is Sunday morning I grabbed the paper from the end of the driveway tossed it on the couch for my bride. A couple minutes later she said WOW did you see this? Nope hadn't look at the paper. She goes on to read this "Baton Rouge man drag racing before fatal crash Friday evening." She continued this is what I worry about.

Things happen quick, there are multiple reasons this could have gone sideways but in short one dead, two seriously injured and law enforcement is looking for the other party involved in the drag racing as apparently they just left.

Just a Monday morning reminder to be safe out there and be smart!

Baton Rouge man drag racing before fatal crash Friday evening, State Police says | Crime/Police |
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