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Hello Everyone -

We are proud new owners of a 2017 Ford Fusion Sport in Ingot Silver Metallic with the Dark Earth Gray interior. We ended up with most options only because we were looking for one already build and on the ground when the final decision was made to purchase this particular car.

We are replacing a 2014 Audi A7 TDI. We were looking for something a little less pricy so we test drove the VW Passat, the Honda Accord Sport, and a couple of the different Fusion models before choosing the Sport. We have multiple Honda Accords in the family with the kids, so it was looking pretty good until we test drove the Fusion Sport.

After 750 miles I can tell you that I am impressed with the car. The kids love it and my 16 year old daughter was able to drive it with no problems despite it being larger overall than the A7. In all fairness, she does also drive our F450 so I didn't think it would be an issue for her.

I love the seats, I love the sound system (after figuring out how to put 5,000 songs and all the kid's different playlists on a USB stick and have it all show up correctly!) and I really enjoy the touchscreen system.

We tried the Android and Apple connections but in all honestly, I prefer the onboard navigation system more than the google maps on my phone. One of the major reasons is that you lose some of the navigation functionality once you go away from the onboard system (like turn-by-turn and nav information on the right side dash information monitor). With the USB stick, there is no need to monkey with the phone for music.

I have now taken all the kids out to prove to them that the auto-park system does, in fact, really park the car. The electric power steering is quick and nimble when it comes to parking and it was as simple as hitting the button and following the directions on the screen. Having never seen the system in action in any car, I was impressed.

My A7 was AWD, so I like the AWD aspect of the Fusion Sport although in all fairness I am not really sure if I can tell the difference unless under heavy acceleration through a curve and even then it might all be in my head.

They say it is often time the little things that make a difference. In my case, I like my garage door opener. On my A7, you had to be parked right on top of the garage in order for it to open it and even then it was iffy at best if it would really do it, but with the Fusion I can be a block away, hit the button once and my garage door's the little things!

Anyway, I am glad to have found this forum and look forward to learning more about our new car!


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Welcome to the forum!

my 16 year old daughter was able to drive it with no problems despite it being larger overall than the A7.
Wow... I would never have thought the Fusion is larger than the A7. According to specs, the A7 is actually longer.

But all in all, it's a big complement to the Fusion when you compare it favorably to cars such as the A7.

As for the garage opener, the one on wife's Q5 works just fine, from about the same distance as my old BMW. Neither one has as good of a range as the stand-alone garage opener remote, but not bad by any means. I wonder if your A7 was somehow defective in that respect.

Anyway, congrats on a new car. I have yet to test drive the Fusion Sport - none of my local dealers had any on the lot until just a few days ago.
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