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Hi all! New '17 Fusion Sport owner here. Just dropping a line and saying hello to the community of like minded individuals. Pretty happy with the new car; Veronica, Ruby Red and pretty much has all options in her as FoMoCo Canada only sends the most loaded Sports to the dealers. Traded '13 F-150 XLT XTR Crew Cab 5.0L with CAI, TB Spacer and a Roush Exhaust. Traded a '11 Taurus SHO w/ CAI for the truck. Love my Fords, but not oblivious to the other brands strengths. BUT BLUE OVAL IS WHERE ME HEART is lol. Anyways truck driver/heavy equipment op by day, beer drinking video game/car enthusiast by night. Love a good convo and like to learn. Seeing a lot of good people so far by just reading the threads and hoping to make some new friends. Just picked the car up 9 March 2017; dealer demo with 54xx kms on it. Anywho glad to be a part of the forum.

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welcome! please post some pics
Welcome You hoser, now take off ehhh.
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