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My poor luck has continued...

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In another twist of fate today, I earned this lovely ear mark on my car.
Tire Wheel Vehicle Hood Automotive lighting

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Hood Automotive lighting

I am pretty bummed about this to be frank. The cause was an errant piece of bent steel lying in the middle of the roadway and impossible to see in the dark conditions I was driving in. All was well until I heard a very deep "thunk" as I was driving along. Initially I thought a rock might have hit my car somehow or something, but when I pulled over to check the damage I determined the true cause.

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The hit must have been extremely hard. The scratch is bored down to shiny metal and the door panel is bent around the impact. Glad it didn't go through a window in hindsight.

Either way, yet another blemish has appeared on my car, the latest in a string of poor luck events this year for my car (from an attempted break in on the beginning of January, to my tires exploding and being damaged in the last two months, to this new tragedy).

Anyways, I am planning to discuss this with my insurance tomorrow. Fortunately I have full coverage and will only need to pay $500 to get everything fixed, but that's $500 out of my pocket now, not to mention whatever else they'll need to do to fix a scratch of this magnitude.
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Not this Fusion, but the one I had before (not a Sport), I had just gotten it a couple days before, and I hit the interstate in the morning to drive to work, punched it to merge with traffic and as soon as I got up to about 70 or so the big truck ahead of my had this huge tarp with large iron (looked iron anyway) hooks fly off and immediately slam into the front of my car, leaving scratches and gashes all up my hood, up my windshield, and the front edge of the root before flying off the car. So I can sympathize. :(
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