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Hey Everyone,
I ordered my Sport on 9/14 and was told the normal 10/12 weeks till it would be here. About 3 weeks ago I called to ask where she was and was told she was on a train and due that week 10/17 which I thought was crazy, but come to find out the dealer put a fast built on her. A week ago I called and was told she was still on a train but should be here any day. On 11/5 we got an email saying that she was sat in some rain hub somewhere. So after a couple phone calls my dealer is telling me she is sat in some rain hub not moving, but should be here by the end of Nov to the start of Dec.
I know I got lucky with her being built fast but there’s no point if she’s not going anywhere and no one is saying what rail hub she is at. Starting to get impatient LOL.
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