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My tire pressure sensors finally came in yesterday, so this morning the new tires are getting mounted and then after work the wheels will be on the car!

I was considering the BFG A/S tires, but considering the positive reviews from tire rack, I decided to go with Kumho instead. They're Ecsta 4X A/S tires "ultra high performance all seasons" which I'm guessing is also what the stock Goodyears are. 245/35/R20. Seemed like a good bang for the buck, especially with the rebate they're offering right now that brings them below 100 bucks per tire.

Originally I was going to replace the Dunlops that were already on the wheels with a new set in the larger size, but They're "summer performance" tires, and in Ohio, you just never know what the weather is going to do. We had our last snow on May 6th last year... So I went with all seasons instead.

The wheels are 20x8.5 and I'm especially happy that I get to put them on this car, since they were a HS grad present from the folks back in 2011.

Since I sold my old taurus in 2013 they have been sitting in the basement waiting for me. I really love these wheels and I can't wait to see them all on the car.

Stay tuned for pics later today!


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