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Ok guys. I'm a rookie here when it comes to car mods but you all, and the Sport got me all excited. It may possibly just be a mid-life crisis. So anyways,

Had every intention today while I was out getting an oil change to stop in at LMS. Still hadn't decided if I wanted to go with them or Unleashed. Well oil change place couldn't confirm correct oil filter so I had to wait for manager to go to dealership (which it turns out he didn't but got it somewhere else, and they also had one because it's the same as for a 2016 edge sport). Nobody has any info on this car. Anyways ran out of time to go to LMS.

Spent this evening messaging back and forth with Unleashed, ordered ngauge, should get it Saturday. Boom! Liked the idea of the information that can be derived from it, and how it looks. Also liked how much time they(I'm assuming it was Torrie) took to talk with me after hours. It Should blend well with the interior. Depending on fit one area I'm thinking of mounting it is right in front of the worthless right lcd screen. What do you guys think?
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