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I would like some input on a vibration problem

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Hi All,

My 2017 Sport developed a very pronounced vibration when accelerating in the 45-60 mph range earlier this year. Much more pronounced at highway speeds vs. accelerating from a stop or slow speed.

It still had its original well-worn Continentals so I wrote it off to those being worn/out of balance. I replaced the OEM tires with BF Goodrich G-force Comp 2 tires in 245 width through Costco. Sadly, the vibration did not go away. I took it back to Costco for rebalancing which they did and noted I had at least one bent rim. I took the car into a rim repair and refinishing specialist, where they found two rims that were bent which they repaired and rebalanced and reinstalled on the car.

Again, same problem. Arrrgh.

Thinking it must be a drive train issue, I took it into the dealership, explained everything I had done and asked if they could find the problem. They called me and said they found two wheels out of balance (after three balancings!) and the car was out of alignment. OK great, picked it up and it STILL had the same problem. I took it back to the dealership and told them as such, they kept it for a day, examined bearings and drive train and could not find anything wrong. They told me to keep an eye on it to see if it gets worse but that was the best they could offer. No charge at least for the last visit.

Anyone have a similar issue or any insight? It would be much appreciated as this car was glass smooth the first couple years I owned it. Making me crazy.


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where are the repaired wheels location on the vehicle?
I must admit I lost track, originally it was the passenger rear and driver side front. They have definitely been rotated around by now.
Is vibration felt in the steering wheel? Or just a general vibration?
Is vibration felt in the steering wheel? Or just a general vibration?
Seems general, I don't feel it through the wheel. It smooths out above 65 mph or so.
Drive shaft.
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Also could be an axle, way to check those is if it feels like the front end is swinging side to side when you take off turning one way or the other, then it will usually smooth out once your up to speed and not hard on the gas.
Suspension component - something's loose/worn out up front? Can you lift the car, pry bar-around?
How many miles on it?
Does it do it while in neutral? (use extreme caution, be safe, don't do it, etc....)
Worn out bushings (somewhere) can give cars a lil jiggle/vibration.
Ball joints will cause issues, but usually they are noisy. Inner outer tie rod ends
I àgree with Skype. But I would also double check wheel nut torque and tire pressures. You need to be at least 39psi cold.
I picked up vibrations at certain speeds and tightening wheels and bumping up tire pressure in my case fixed it. Worth a look.
Seems general, I don't feel it through the wheel. It smooths out above 65 mph or so.
Since it seems to be a general vibration and you don't feel it in the steering, I am going to say the front end is not the issue. There is a rear motor mount that attached to the transmission. This has been know to have issues and will transfer a vibration to the chassis.

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Thanks for the responses y'all! Much appreciated.
My two cents was going to be the same with tire pressure! Low profile tires are a PITA when they get low lol.
To eliminate/isolate any individual wheel, swap one side front for rear. If the vibration changes, it's one of those wheels. If not, swap the other side and look for a change.

If the vibration decreases, it's caused by the wheel you just moved to the rear. If it increases, it's the wheel you moved to the front.
I am currently experiencing something very similar with my 2013 Fusion (Ecoboost). I took it to the dealership and they claimed it was the fuel pressure sensor. I got it replaced and the problem was still there. I took it again to the dealership and they now changed the high fuel pressure sensor. the symptoms are slighter now but I can still feel the problem. I feel the vibrations only when I push the gas. and mainly driving up on ramps at high speed
2016 Fusion having very similar issues. I notice a noise as well when I turn left and accelerate, seems like the front left axel for me. In the last month the vibration is much worse and at lower speeds now also (30mph+)
Original poster here, it turned out to be a bad front axle and CV joint, right front if memory serves. BTW, it just happened to be the one the dealership removed/disassembled previously to replace a leaking seal on the PTU, something I mentioned to them from the start but of course that could not possibly be the problem.
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Thank you for the update! I think that's my problem as well.
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