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I am having a smorgasbord of issues...

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So first I hear water sloshing around in my dash... yay! No idea what that could be.
Next if I slowly lay into the pedal at 30-40 mph my transmission spends more time trying to figure out what gear to put itself into and shifting through them rather than using a gear and powering into it. My transmission sits there and tries to figure out which gear to be in so often that by the time im done "getting into it" (the pedal) it is still figuring out what gear it would be best for me to be in... I have had cars that I almost couldn't get to downshift pushing down on the pedal all the way to the floor would barely get it to downshift and do a gear to give me a power fan but this car when I push it to the floor down shifts into a gear that sometimes put me at 6000 RPM into a useless power band for no reason... I hate it...
I'm fairly certain I have broken motor mount but not badly enough for four to admit something is broken all I can feel from it is power loss , a lot of power loss but not enough that the people at Ford would assume the car should be faster. Also when I turn The air conditioning on you can feel the car Tremble and the engine shaking and if I get on a power band hard and let off and get back on it again you can feel the engine bucking too much... but not enough for a ford tech to admit there is a problem that isn't within the constraints of "feels fine"... the doors don't always unlock for me, it's random. I had the dash start clicking and my traction control light come on while I was doing 25 miles an hour in the neighborhood on dry asphalt giving it 5 to 10% throttle... loud clicking and trashing intro light with no obvious reason for loss of traction... waiting for my next major problem not a happy camper I love the car just wish that there were issues with it
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Sorry to see all the problems you have had! Do you have a Tune on your car?
I also have the tranny issues. Think that's just how these are. My brother has a 15 same thing. And especially the 6000rpm go nowhere passing gear. Well said. And I don't think we're the only ones.
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Sorry to see all the problems you have had! Do you have a Tune on your car?
No tune, I recently had my lane assist go bad which is being replaced next week and the rearview mirror assembly was $2600 for just the part. For My vehicle for today's checking to make sure I hadn't touched anything the windshield the rearview mirror assembly took pictures from what I understand many many many pictures send them to ford they had to be analyzed to make sure I hadn't tampered with anything before they agreed to replace the rear view mirror under warranty. At this point I couldn't imagine putting a bumper sticker on my vehicle thinking that if something happened to one of my rear proximity sensors they would claim that me putting an aftermarket piece on my bumper voided the warranty and they refused to replace it under warranty. I feel like I'm a prisoner to my warranty and all the things I wanted to do I refuse to now. I'm even too scared to put a blow off valve adapter on.
And I think its specifically to that car, not the fusion sport in general
Its really unfortunate, I do think the car can be a good one... This is my 4th Fusion 10 Sport,13 Titanium,15 Titanium and now 17 Sport. I had the battery issue and something with Nav which took a week but got fixed as I keep my fingers crossed. Good Luck!
My dealer said they'd purge the system under warranty - might be worth asking.
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