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Howdy - '17 FFS new owner

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Howdy people - just picked up my sport one week ago. A lovely CPO 25k miles shadow black stock example (400A) (was a personal lease). As my avatar indicates I recently had a little girl and needed more doors. Never thought about the Fusion, till I couldn't find an Edge Sport I liked locally. Realizing they're the same drive train, I test drove one locally, fell in love, and spent the next month hunting for what I wanted. Spent that month lurking on here as well... LOVE THE CAR.

Looking at FMICs and a tune from Unleashed..... worried about my CPO warranty naturally, so not sure when I'll pull the trigger.

Done a few visual mods since getting her:
15% tint all around.
Ford lic plate frame.
Removed dealer stickers.
De-badged the 'Fusion' and 'Sport' lettering (the Sport letters were loosing the chrome rings and looking weird) (fun fact the 'U' and 'N' in Fusion are the same,, heh)
Blacked out the back chrome and lower reflectors (vinyl).
Black Ford Emblems (front/rear)
Doing the front grille, window, and door handle chrome in vinyl in the next week or two - looks so much better.
Front Lic plate bracket is getting tossed too (gotta fill those damn holes too).

First new'ish car I've had in a while. Getting used to all the gizmos and not having to take my keys out to start it - so schfancy.

I write software for a living and interested in getting into 'forscan', maybe I can contribute to the communities knowledge.

A few pics in her current state:
(when she arrived, twas a beautiful day indeed)


A little rear chrome delete:


Without the badges:



Look forward to being a member, and more mods!


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Thank you for the kind words Wojtas!

Hey, look at this totally rando black FFS for sale on Carvana!
2017 Ford Fusion - Carvana

I would randomly bet they're gonna get about $4k'ish profit from it.
Pretty cool.
Hate to see anyone pay that much for one, but I'm sure the last owner took exceedingly good care of her.
Nice machine, you will enjoy it. Welcome aboard!
21 - 22 of 22 Posts