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How much can the 6F55 transmission handle?

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I am interested in seeing what a tune can do in a Fusion Sport as the current performance 93 octane tunes for a F-150 with 2.7TT sees gains of 60HP and 100ft/lb torque at peak levels but does anyone know how much torque the 6F55 transmission can take. I read that the transmission was fortified but I worry that at the current 380ft/lb being listed by Ford (or 400 ft/lbs in the Lincoln counterpart MKZ using the 3.0TT engine - both using what I assume is the same 6 speed) that there may not be much left with causing damage. I hope that Ford has made this transmission capable enough that we may be able to use a nearly 500ft/lb Fusion - this would be a beast of a car that no one would ever see coming>:).

My only reference to the transmission being used in the Fusion was posted by MotorTrend in their 2017 Ford Fusion First Look review.
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And the other related question is: how much can the AWD system handle?
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All of this is definitely very important, the trans, the awd system, and the axles.
Dunno what the max torque the 6F55 transmission can take but I assume tuners will take this into account.
This is why I'll probably wait a year or two before I consider a tune to let everyone else crater their drivetrains. I remember the sorry transmission in my old '93 Taurus SHO as well as the made-of-glass drivetrain in the 2012 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8 Track Edition. The sounds that torsen rear diff made toward the end.... :crying:
Well I have been looking for a solid spec but haven't found one yet. But, if we follow Fords normal transmission nomenclature what we have is:

6 = 6 Speed
55 = 550 Newton-Meters or 405 ft-lbs of torque (downstream side of the torque converter)
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400 is good for 12's I'd say.
Yes Sir I believe so.
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