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How much are these leasing for?

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Yeah yeah yea.... I know I moved on and bought another car, but was still interested to learn what kind of lease deals you were all being given?
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That 403/0 was on a 36 month as well.
Ya i dunno i feel i got mine pretty low, at least compared to other dealers here in ca. 1500 out of pocket just about 400 including monthly tax ( i rolled in negative equity that im subracting) and tax here is 9%. And my msrp 38755. If 350 including tax is possible i woulda been at dealer the rest of the night and the next day

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Our '17 Platinum white 401a + sunroof and cooled seats was $399.98 per month including tax in Tampa, Florida. This was with $2000 down, which included the first months payment and license/registration/DMV fees (that all totaled approx. $ figure really $1100 down on the car itself. The deal was made in February of this year.

I tried to negotiate further to $350 for quite some time, but honestly the dealership was super easy and actually fun to work with (never thought I would say FUN when buying a car, but totally true). With what Ford was offering in rebates at the time, this seemed like the best deal I could get in the area.

If interested, the dealership was Elder Ford in Tampa, Caroline Guest was my salesperson. Super fun, open and upfront + easy to work with! They are very straight up if anyone is in the area and looking. Tell them Kyle sent ya. :)
My lease would have been $310/mo but I traded a car in which I still owed money on (like $4k or something). So It bumped my payment up to $440/mo including the wheel & tire protection package. I put 3k down on top of that, I have the A-Z plan, 12k miles/ year and msrp was $36k. It's a 3 year lease but my salesman insists that he can get me out of it in 2 1/2 years. Cheaper car than some of you but the only thing I cared about was having a good sound system, heated seats and remote start lol.
Paying 230$ (canadian) bi-weekly for a 5 year lease with 20k a year. That includes extended warranty and Maintenance for the 5 years.
I stumbled upon this post and couldn't help but be curious about the lease deals you guys are getting.
I doubt dealerships are leasing what are now used cars.
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