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So I got my FFS a week ago and when I picked it up was pretty excited to get in and go!! Realized that when looking at the visor there was no homelink garage opener, then looked at the roof and realized there was no sunroof!! NOT HAPPY, well I wasn't as mad about the sunroof more as that I really wanted the garage opener to look well factory. Dealer forgot to check the sunroof option as they thought it was part of the 401A package. UGH.... so since it didn't have it and I really didn't wanna wait another 5 months to order a new car and I didn't wanna pay $395 for a sunvisor that had it in it so I decided to just put one in myself.

Ordered a rolling code homelink of ebay $35, they are used out of wrecked cars but still worked.

I felt on the visor before I started all this and I could feel that there is even a spot for this dang thing thats how easy it could have been for them to just add this without the sunroof!!!

It wasn't to bad but I've taken apart visors before, although this one was a little bit different since it did not open up in half it just has teeth all the way around holing on the fabric just had to undo the fabric where the opener module went and then cut out the section they have marked where it should have been from factory out super easy to cut with a small razor. Once I did that you have to route the wires through the visor and then tap onto the 2 yellow wires inside keeping polarity correct. After I got the the module in pushed the fabric back into the teeth of the visor then hole punched the holes for the new homelink and then snapped it back onto the little box in the visor and it pretty much looks factory!! Put it all back in the car and everything works just like it should.

Saved myself $1000 and I didn't really want a sunroof anyways the wife did but she will live without it!!:)

I tried posting all the pictures but it wouldn't let me.
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