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I'm new. Just picked up a 17 shadow black sport with 84k mi.

Love it so far, needs a couple things but I'm thinking some steeda goodies and 25mm wheel spacers to start..
Car Wheel Tire Land vehicle Vehicle

And here's my other toy..
Wheel Tire Snow Vehicle Truck
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Tell me more about the other Toy :)
(and what the wheel spacers on the Fusion will be for?)
2019 Supercab. Velocity Blue with recaro interior package..
I've had it since 2019, with 9k miles, also my second raptor had a 2012 ingot silver supercab, with a lot of nice stuff on it..
its got 59K on it now, plan on keeping it forever since they dropped the supercab.. ive done all the work to it, except an alignment, and i had to pay a guy to make a new exhaust hanger, and do some welding on the rear tire carrier..
we do some pretty cool trips, my favorite is about 125 raptors in the upper peninsula of michigan for 3 full day of snowy off road driving. heading out to las vegas, reno, moab and telluride/ouray in june.. also silver lake sand dunes in about 4hours from here so i try to go there a few times a summer.. having a ton of fun doing raptor things..

getting ready to cut the rear wheel wells in the bed open for these:
Office supplies Writing implement Office instrument Pen Cylinder

heres a few more pics..
Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Blue
Tire Wheel Vehicle Sky Car
Automotive tire Automotive design Automotive lighting Hood Motor vehicle
Automotive tire Hood Car Automotive design Vehicle

plans for the future include a wider front suspension that will give more wheel travel and a seconday bypass shock, bigger fiberglass front fenders, 37" tires and then it'll be on to a V8 swap when the 3.5 dies.. i think the 7.3L godzilla will be the way, but a few guys have 800hp coyotes swapped into these trucks too.. with 10speed trans and everything works electronically... someday i hope..
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