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Help deciding what exhaust to add with 3” Downpipes.

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Hello everyone, I’ve been enjoying modding out my 17 fusion sport. Just finally getting to exhaust setup and have the ultimate performance 3” catted downpipes comming in. Question is what is the best exhaust to go with this for sound? Or can I build my own? Tips and thanks in advance!
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Imo they all sound very similar, I vote for the MRT V2 exhaust
Think it will increase sound ?
Mrt Sells one with mufflers and one without , the one without mufflers has to much drone for me, so i recommend the one with mufflers , you will hear the difference for sure either way
Also check out your local muffler shop. I got the factory resonator replaced with an x-pipe, 2 high flow mufflers and dual 3" black tips for $500 installed.
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