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I am the proud new owner of a (leased) white 2017 Fusion Sport! I'm loving this thing, and look forward to my time on this board.

A little about me. I come from a Ford family so all I've know is Ford vehicles. I actually had an old-gen Fusion Sport but had to let her go when I moved cross-country. I currently reside in San Diego and am so happy to be back in the saddle of a Sport. I most recently had a Focus ST, and while that was very fun, I needed a little more space. And I think I also upgraded in the fun factor, as well.

I'd like to introduce Jarvis. Jarvis enjoys drives along the water and eating competitors for lunch.

Jarvis won't get tuned right away because of lease restrictions, but if the full lease term goes as well as the first couple weeks have, I may end up buying it out and modding him a bit.

Looking forward to a lot of fun times with Jarvis! Glad to be aboard.



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