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Grinding sound and over active traction control

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I’ve been hearing a grinding sound coming from the rear of the car mainly under harder acceleration but sometimes under light acceleration. Sounds like it’s in the right rear wheel/trunk area. I’m also pretty sure traction control is more active than normal on fast turns. I have a couple long sweeping exit ramps I could always take at 80mph without traction control kicking in but now it does (dry pavement and good tires). The rear brakes look fine too. Anyone have any ideas?
Thanks in advance!
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Wheel bearing, the bearing goes bad and causes issue with the speed sensor. One way to find out for sure is to put a scanner on it, go into ABS, and watch the wheels speeds. I'd put money it, you'll see a difference in wheel speed compared to the rest.
Thanks! Is wheel speed something I could monitor with a SCT BDX tuner?
I don't know what they can do, but if you knew someone that uses Forscan they could do it. Other thing you can do is pull the tire and rotor off, then spin the hub by hand. You should feel the bad bearing.
Well the bearing spins smooth but there are metal shavings in my RDU fluid. 😞
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