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For anyone wondering can you run a GFB DV+ VTA (9458) in a FFS, this is the thread for you!

Does it fit? It fits.
Does it woosh? It wooshes.

So one day I was surfing the web and was wondering if GFB makes a VTA version of their oh so popular DV+ (9358). I was looking around and stumbled upon the 9458. I wanted to confirm that both the 9358 and the 9458 were the same part profile so I sent an email to GFB asking for some information. They responded with exactly what I expected. Both the 93 and 94 share the same bolt pattern, the only difference is that the height of the 94 is about 30mm higher then the 93. As long as there is enough clearance, then the 94 would fit. So I took the chance and ordered a 94. Today I went out to install the 94 to see if it would fit in the FFS engine bay. To my excitement, it does! It sits barely above the engine cover and below the brake fluid reservoir cap. I slowly closed the hood and checked the height and I believe there is a small gab between the top of the electrical connection and the hood liner. I can provide updates in a few weeks to see if it happens to rub against the hood liner but as of right now it seems that there is enough clearance for it not to rub.

I did take a video of it, though I don't think the quality could be much worse in this day and age but its better then nothing. Car is stock, the only mod is the GFB DV+ VTA. I have a Borla system ready to put on it as soon as I get some free time and want to tackle that.

Attached are the photos of the comparison between the 9358 (had on the car before) and the 9458 along with the manual for the 9458 if anyone was interested. I also want to note that it seems like only after I push the car over 3K rpm, it starts to build enough boost to activate the solenoid. I think this means you can cruise around at low speeds without it going off every second which is nice. I haven't driven it yet as I am STILL waiting for tags. Once I start to put more mods on I'll start a build thread. Thanks for checking out my post!


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