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So, I spent a few minutes getting to know the technology in the car yesterday (not too long). Here are some first impressions for others to consider:

1. Navigation - works great, nice screen, good traffic updates. Unfortunately, I cannot get it to work when car is connected to Apple car play. I think it's only capable of using one or the other. And the cars voice operated features seem more intuitive with Siri rather than the Sync system.

1a. In Apple car play, I can't get Waze, or Sirius, or VZ navigator to work. I will work on this. Most of these issues could be my lack of tech knowledge.

2. I love the app that allows you to program your morning start times. There's also an incredible amount of things that can be done with the remote start such as setting temp, setting seat and mirror settings, opening and closing Windows, extending auto start time, turning off the car. Pretty cool technology.

3. The S mode is the best way to drive the car especially since it has a Full Auto drive mode and a Semi manual paddle shift mode. The car is noticeably quicker in S. More enjoyable.

4. The heated steering wheel is more like a warm wheel. And I can't figure out the settings. It says Lo but I can't figure out how to put it on Hi. The heated seats are amazing, almost too powerful on High.

5. Reverse cam is clear but is been raining for two days and it is easily fogged up.

6. Power trunk would have been nice but thankfully there's a handle inside to close so you can avoid hands on the paint.

7. Seeing the radio stations next to speedometer is great. The arrows take some getting used to.

I'll add more thoughts as they come but I thought it could be helpful to others to have a thread like this for a new model.

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1. You'll limited to either Sync or Carplay/Android Auto. You cannot mix the two. Siri and Google's Voice Assistant are both leaps and bounds better than Sync. Google in particular has been working on their voice assistant for at least 5 years.

1a. Google owns Waze. Waze for the most part has been integrated into Google Maps. I'd imagine it would be their decision whether to allow the app to work with CarPlay or not. If I remember correctly, getting an app to work with CarPlay/AA is a simple few lines of code, but the developer must do it on their end. So the VZ Navigator (Verizon Nav, I imagine) Sirius and Waze would have to be compatible on their end first. But a quick Google search brought back this result

How to: Enable Waze Navigation On Apple CarPlay ? CarPlay Life ? Apple CarPlay News, Installs, Apps and Reviews

Might work for other apps as well.

Sirius should work. If you have to jump out of CarPlay/AA just to change the satellite radio, that would be awfully silly.

2. I didn't realize the App was that intense, great to know you can control the windows and other things.

5. Thats interesting, I dont think my backup camera fogs up at all, just when theres a fine layer of salt covering my car in the winter. Where abouts in the US are you? Has it been particularly high humidity?
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