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'17 Magnetic; Unleashed Tune, FMIC
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Pretty much like the title says. Eyeing the next vehicle and with the inflation on used vehicles right now this car is at a premium.

VROOM is offering me almost 23K bone stock with current mileage and condition. With mods I'd be willing to give a fellow member a deal. If you're seriously interested as in can cut me a check, please message me.

Please don't ask about parting out, i'm not there yet. Would prefer to sell as is, no modding needed for the new owner.

2017 Magnetic, all options except cooled seats and adaptive cruise.
Just over 57K on the clock
Sync has most recent update
Unleashed 93 Tune (will include tuner thats matched to car)
Ultimate Performance FMIC w/garret core
Steeda Catch-Can (in for maybe two months)
Shark Fin Antena (matched paint)
Level 3 tail lights (pictured and will include stock tail lights)
Chrome blacked out
Debaged (did same time as tail lights so have two diff pics below)
LED lower bumper sequential brake/turn lights (pictured and have separate thread on these bad boys)
LED mirror puddle lamps
Carpet mats and rubber all weather sport mats
Black Ford Center Caps
Black Gorilla Single Piece Lugs
All four tires are brand new Bridgestone Turanza Quiet Track (less than a thousand miles on them) 80K warranty
Limo tint all around, except windshield, including the sunroof (great in the summer)
New Motorcraft battery last year (after rat damage)
Ford Performance Spark Plugs included (was going to do at 60K maint per Torrie w/tune etc)
Illuminated Fusion door sills included (too cold to install since I bought them)

All maintenance is current:
Trans & PTU flushed at 30K
Coolant flushed at 30K
Synthetic blend Oil Changes by Ford at every interval

Daily driver so mileage goes up a little each week as I don't go to office everyday (35 miles round trip)
Second owner, no accidents (just issue with a rat when I first got the car, fixed by ford dealer)
Clean Title.

Anyone who has tuned this car w/FMIC knows its pulls like a beast. Love this car to death just looking to future proof with wedding coming up sedan isn't going to cut it. Let me know if you're interested and we'll have a conversation. Thanks for looking and stay safe people!

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