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Front end clicking when turning at low speed

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I’m getting clicking/ticking from the front end when turning under low speed. It’s definitely not a “clunk” sound. It is speed dependent clicking faster as I speed up but goes away as I straighten out the wheel.
It happens in drive or reverse so I notice it every time I back out of the driveway and around our cul de sac.
I did lower the car on steeda springs but that was several months ago and this is a recent problem.
I’m hoping I have time to get under the car this this weekend... but it’s doubtful.

Anyone diagnose anything similar on their sport?
Any info is appreciated!
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Coincidentally I recorded a new video this morning as I was driving thru the parking garage at work.
This should be a recall with everyone having this issue.
This should be a recall with everyone having this issue.
Mine is a '19, they better have fixed issue by now or included washer from the factory. Fingers crossed.
Ford replaced my front left axle under the RAV warranty, which expires in about 1500mi 😬. And it sounded a lot like your latest video JRG.
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I just got a call from the dealership after I dropped it off for them to inspect the clicking noise. They said they took everything apart and inspected it, and put it back together according to correct torque specifications and the noise is gone. Somehow I don't think this is the last I hear of this issue.... 🙄
I guess my left front tweeter not working isn't as bad... I just have to slap it every once in awhile in the morning.
2 weeks after getting my driver axle replaced my passenger side is making the same clicking noise.🙄 Service appointment scheduled for 10/29.
Brought my car in a few days ago to get this checked out among a few other things.

Dealership is telling me that this sound is a "normal characteristic" of the Fusion AWD system...
Ooo... that’d piss me off 🤬
Mine went in to the shop today for the passenger side. Fingers crossed 🤞
Welp... after waiting almost 3 weeks for my service appointment the tech couldn’t replicate the popping/clicking. I went to the dealership and drove around in my car with the service advisor and couldn’t get it to make the popping/clicking sound either.
We decided the 20-30* drop in temperature might have something to do with the noises going away. 🏻 It was right around freezing in KC this afternoon.
He said if the sound shows back up within 30-60 days to swing by and show him and they would get it back in for service under the same ticket.
TLDR; popping/clicking was brake caliper related.

Long version; It was 30* warmer in KC today and sure enough the popping/clicking came back.
I went straight to the dealership after work and my service advisor was outside on a smoke break. So, I rolled right up to him and he took one second to listen to the noise and said he was positive it was the caliper slide pins needed lubrication. I didn’t buy that explanation and mentioned the last time it made that noise they replaced the axel. He bet me if the brakes didn’t fix it he’d warranty the repair and if it did I owed him a king sized Snickers Bar.
So, I rushed home, pulled both calipers off by the guide/slide pins which were kinda dry but, whatever... so I lubed them up. After I put it all back together - NO MORE NOISE ?!?! WTF?!?!
How does a brake caliper make noise dependent on steering angle?
I don’t get it...
The clicking sound when turning is never present when the car has a cold start, but when the car is hot (15mn drive at 70F in California). My dealer said that he was not able to reproduce the issue. I am waiting for the clicking to become worst in the coming months. About the brake caliper, could it be that they do not move freely, because of the plastic bushing?
Are you in Drive or Park? I found if the car was in gear when I turned the wheel it would make noises. In Park it was fine.
I had to be moving (forward or reverse) with the wheel turned either direction to reproduce the sound.
So I got new brakes all the way around and the clicking sound went away.
Ford tech diagnosed clicking sound was caused by not torquing the lug nuts properly. I didn’t realize they needed 150ftlb. It would only click after the wheels heated up from braking so guessing something with different metals expanding at different temps. Good news was I got two new axles before they figured it out. Time will tell if it was really the cause but for now it seems to have worked. But I’m gonna need a bigger torque wrench to hit 150ftlb.
Just diagnosed for this - it's a CV joint and axle. Replacement under warranty. See the other thread - Knocking/ Clanging noise?
I'm brand new to the forum and Ive only had my ffs 18 for a few months but I got a bad warranty so if someone does know of an issue that occurs on ffs of that generation where there is creaking and a little clicking in the front end I'd greatly appreciate the advice... With that said the car is my daily driver and I don't have a budget at all so the more anyone can help the more I'd appreciate it... I want to customize my car at some point but right now I just want to get it dependable and quiet... If possible.. thanks
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