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Front caliper bracket

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How important is this little thing? Thought I got it on/in but once I put the wheel back on both the top and the bottom popped out. Happened with both fronts.

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Importaint, So your saying you lost one ? You should be able to hit any of the parts stores and ask for a front hard wear kit. I have a couple extras somewhere in my mess, but they wouldn't help you much right now.
OK, first off see the top of it, it's on the wrong side of the caliper bracket. once you get it on the right side, the other end should stay put in the hole on the caliper. They can be a pain in the azz sometimes, but it just takes some finese to put the thing together and have it end up right
LOL, it's all good, happens to the best of us. The wire ones in the back are a pain two, after doing a few brake jobs on them, I figured out a way to get them where they belong with out a lot of hassle. The fronts can be tough some times, but a screw driver does wonders for coercing them into place.
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1 - 3 of 9 Posts