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First oil change

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So I hit 900 miles yesterday and had the materials for an oil change, had a few extra hours so I decided to go for it.
I'm sure someone will flame me for changing it that soon, I'm superstitious about leaving the first fill in there too long, and I won't go over 3500ish miles/change, regardless if the recommended is 10,000 miles. No thank you, not on my turbo car.

Anyway, last week I surveyed the job, didn't like what I see under the car as far as jacking points so I decided to grab a pair of Rhino Ramps, made the job much easier.
Pulled the car on the ramps, pop the fill cap, dipstick and loosen the filter cover and replace the filter.
Crawl under the car and looking for the drain plug, I see what looks like a drain plug, but doesn't seem right, not like the one pictured in the oil change thread.
Grab my phone for the flashlight, and take a pic, see attachment.
Guess they are beating the consumers to the punch and installing broken drain plugs from the factory now.
BTW, there's no way the oil that came out is 5-30, way too thin.
I have to believe Ford is putting some weird oil in for MPG ratings or something.


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I haven't looked under mine due to the crappy wet and snowy conditions, but I also had mine changed out around 950 miles. I switched tot he MotorCraft 5w30 full synthetic. Going to do 7500 mile intervals.

Sucks that your drain cap is busted.
I'm going to head to the dealership today and show them pics of it, if I have to buy one it's only a couple of bucks.

I used Simi-synthetic with Lucas synthetic stabilizer for this go around, it's hard to find the Motorcraft Full around here.
Anyone know who makes Motorcraft oil anyway?
Strangely my little out of the way dealer in this prairie town carries the full synthetic in quart bottles. The big city dudes all have stuff in bulk barrels and carry the semi-synthetic only.

It's not cheap, but it has good high temp properties and is something the dealer can quickly change out. I used to run Amsoil in my previous vehicle, but the shipping and other fees just don't make sense given I will be changing every 7500 miles. My last vehicle I ran for 18000 miles between changes.

Heard Conoco might make the stuff sold in the States, not sure who makes it for Canada.
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Stopped at my little out of the way dealer, they are like 3 miles from my work, ordered 2 drain plugs, $2.50 a piece.
Also I noticed they had boxes of oil stacked in the parts dept. and did have full synthetic 5 Qt.
I'm going to check on the price of the oil when I pick up the drain plugs.
Taking it there to have my door keypad issue looked at tomorrow too.
They had a sign up in the service dept. that listed oil changes for $26, I'll check to see
how much more full synthetic is.
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