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After years of driving my Ricer EVO8 and running the best Royal Purple I could get, I need to get some advice on what to go with. I've talk to my tuner, one of the best in the world at Alamo Sports in Arlington TX, and he said he expected something coming out from *STD* within a month and to give him a call. He said if he can do anything close to what he has done with some F150's the car could run 11's. He also has an EVO8 and i was there the dyno hit 700 BWP, it sounded like a freaking jet!! He flies all over the world to do work for many folks so if your in the DFW area, look him up, his name is Bryce.

So, knowing I'm going to take my FUSPO just below the point where I can't blow it up, what kind of oil should I start using now?

I need to get a picture of my EVO8 out here that made a famous car magazine that you can all see, but it was a dream. NOS that would go into the engine or out the hood vent colored in blue, low 11's in the quarter and trapped as fast as the motor bikes. Just got tired of dodging all the laws ever year to get someone to get me an inspection tag :(.

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