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Hello all,

I was test driving a Fusion Sport at my local dealer today and a strange thing happened that I would like some feedback on:

I was getting on the freeway at WOT, and the car was accelerating well, when suddenly we all heard and felt a "pop" kind of sound. After that, the car just didn't seem to have nearly the torque that it had previously. It still seemed to run ok though, and I completed the test drive, but just didn't have any "oomph" after that.

On the left screen, there was a wrench icon with the message "see owners manual" or something to that effect.
My friend who was along on the test drive said "See, Fords are so unreliable that it broke during the test drive!".

My friend then tried to drive the car, and said the car was gutless.

Not being familiar with the car, I suspect it was just simple operator error on our part, but I'm curious what could have happened. The salesman had no idea either.

Any ideas? Thanks!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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