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d3m0's 2018 Fusion Sport Build - Lightning Blue

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I've had this car for three years now and have lurked a bit. I work at a Ford dealer and got it brand new for $14K off the $40K sticker; it had sat in our showroom for a year and a half with one test drive. Our GM was sick of it and wanted it gone; as soon as he updated the price online I did up the paperwork.

I've been extremely pleased with the car. It's my daily driver. I had an 03 Terminator until I lost my license for being a dumbass and had to sell it. I will buy another one when this is paid off but for an AWD daily in NH I couldn't be happier!

I threw the CAI and exhaust in with the initial deal. With about $8K in positive equity I just refinanced an extra four measly months and used it to buy my tuner and parts (all in my sig). I also have a set of black OZ Racing Leggera 255s with Pirelli P-Zeros for when the snow thaws.

The gentleman I bought the I/C and strut brace from is a customer of my store. Bought a Mustang for his wife from two hours away. We got to talking and he had an MKZ 3.0TT and still had a bunch of parts that he immediately took off (it was his wife's and she didn't want it modded). He offered me the cooler and brace for $450 and I agreed. He then offered me the OZs for an additional $500 but I let him know I wasn't looking for rims but thank you. About an hour later he texts me again; his wife wants everything out of his garage and he's too lazy to list it online. $500 takes THE ENTIRE LOT. So I got the rims and tires for $50. He even threw in a new set of brake pads!

I just got it out of the shop yesterday and reflashed it with an updated tune. I had Torrie whip me up something conservative a couple months ago, but with the cooling mods and new tune IT ****ING PULLS. It almost feels like my Terminator which was pullied at 480whp. Only now it drives on rails. I've been hooning out all day!

Only thing I've done visually is swap in the last gen "SPORT" badge, the "TWIN TURBO" EcoBoost decal, and removed the "FUSION" badge and moved a new one to the chrome trunk bar. Next Summer I'm grabbing a downpipe and TurboSmart BOV, as well as painting those garbage calipers. Probably hook up some drilled rotors while I'm in there.

Hope you like it!

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Oh crap, I'm pretty sure I tossed at least 1 plastic ring when I redid all 4 rotors.
Thanks for all the kind words! Sorry I didn't respond sooner; again I'm a bit of a lurker.

Wheels just went on and painted my calipers.

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What did you do to get the sport text on the brake calipers? That looks super nice.
What did you do to get the sport text on the brake calipers? That looks super nice.
So we removed the calipers completely and sandblasted them. Coat of primer, three coats of paint, applied the Sport stickers, and clearcoated.
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