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Configurator is up!

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One thing I find weird is they left trim in chrome, with only that part not blacked out... it can look good to some but when up to me i'd black it out as well.

Some tint film will help achieve that in a cool way.
First time I'm hearing about inflatable seat belts. How effective are they?

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Well for one it spreads the resistance so its not focused in a 4-5 inch wide area being harsh on you but instead you're cushioned by something that covers much more area and spreads the force.
Lincoln FINALLY put their configurator up for the 2017 MKZ (and it's still a bit buggy), which was the other option I was considering. With the big price increase over the 2016 (for top available models of each year), there's no question... the 2017 Fusion Sport is where I'm going.
That is quite the answer. I'm still not sure if its the move i want to make.

one thing i will wait for is the next civic si sedan.. going to be the Si sedan VS fusion sport for me.
Good point on the Civic Si, i haven't been interested in honda since the 90's and now they're offering up some fun stuff.

Even the base civic is nice and that 1.5T although its a commuter setup should have some nice tuning potential
Was looking at the configuration and Ford's accessory packages and the Blind Spot Information System seems to be very handy especially Cross-traffic alert uses radar when I'm backing out. Would be nice if it didn't cost $3,625.
It will indeed go a long way especially if you live in a busy city and have to back out of parking spots with little view of whats behind you and other similar situation. I'll be interested in seeing it be put to work, see what flaws it might have and where it shines.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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