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Cheap sounding alerts

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What is happening on that rare time you start the car and the seat belt noise is that "cheaper" sound that isn't coming through the sound system?

It happens infrequently.
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Do you mean when the sound is coming from the instrument cluster? There is a number of reasons why the car does that - the ACM or other modules are not booted/ready yet, the car has sat for a while, battery is low, and more.
How can the ACM boot? before you turn on the car? the sound is automatic.

My car wasn't sitting, and the battery wasn't low.

The ACM and all other modules boot up every time you turn on the car... Regardless, there are a number of reasons the car changes the location where the sound comes from - many are known (such as the few I listed above), many scenarios can't be explained by users. The ACM could be busy reading other internal CAN-Bus network traffic when this happens as well. Either way, the car is designed to do this.
Nature of the beast my friend. nothing you can really do about it. My car does it every now and then. The only real possible way to fix it would be an update from Ford.
There's really nothing to fix. The IPC and ACM are designed and programmed to work that way.
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