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BOV problems

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So I recently installed the steeda BOV adapter on my 17. Now I have a check engine light on and the vent doesn't seem to be working. I've pulled the valve to check it thinking it was stuck, had the light go away, only to come back. Checked continuity on the solenoid, seems to be good as well. I now have installed a new factory valve on to the adapter, but no change. I guess I'm wondering if anybody has seen this issue before or if I'm looking in the wrong spot? I've never worked on anything with a turbo setup before. Thanks guys.
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what was the code number I can try to help
P0035, which also I now have a "permanent" P0035 that I can't clear with the cheap reader I bought to pull the codes, but which also is not lighting up the CEL. Also had a P04DB.... that one has not returned since clearing them last night after work. I did remove the adapter and let the car idle for a while a couple times without the returning, but I haven't driven it yet. I greatly appreciate any help you can offer.
there is a software update for the code p04db , here is a pic of the dtc flow chart from ford
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So most likely in the harness, not the valve itself? If I'm reading that correctly?
I would check the connector, make sure it is making a good contact first
I've done that, but funny story. Someone stole my fluke when I laid it down on a job the other night, so I haven't been able to run continuity or voltage on the circuit itself yet. Been waiting for the company to replace my meter. Guess I'll have to borrow one.
So after driving the FuSpo around town moderately hard this afternoon, code did return. Attaching photo of the code reader screen. All 3 codes are the same P0035 with the difference being that the other two say "pending" and " permanent" respectively.
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here is the wiring diagram from ford
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Excellent thank you so much. Been trying to get a look at it all day but it's been kinda hectic at work.
One question, should I have 12V to ground at the 2 pin? I'm assuming so but not 100%
You'll have 12 volts at it and the PCM grounds the circuit, this is how it knows if there is an issue or not. The ground is a return, so if it turns it on, but gets nothing back, it will throw a code. If you just applied power from the PCM and grounded the valve to the car, all the PCM would know is that it sent power, but beyond that it wouldn't know if the valve got it or not.
Yeah I'm only getting like 2.5 volts from hot to ground at the pins. I ordered a new pigtail from rock today, but won't be here till Tuesday. Stands to reason the break is in that connector or right close to it, however I haven't had time to get real scientific checking yet.... I asked about the voltage because the things I work on for a living I'm used to them going from 480 down to either a 120vac or 24vdc control power circuit, but that 2.5 ish volts just screamed broken wire.... at least thats what I'm hoping. 🤞
I(,d have to go dig out my wiring diagram book, but I think the BOV is on the same circuit as the injectors, and a couple other things, waste gate control, one other ting.
Hey guys, just wanted to take a moment to give an update and say thanks for all your help, I really appreciate it. The pigtail connector for the bypass valve solved my troubles. The one question I have remaining is how do I get the "permanent" P0035 to clear? CEL is no longer on and she's running like a sewing machine, but that code still reads on the obd2 scanner. Thanks again!!!
Should clear out if you cleared the codes.
disconnect the battery for 10 mins should do it
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