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I swear its like this car was programmed by 12 year olds. So i recently upgraded my iphone from a 5s running 8.X code to a 7 running the 10.X code. Previously my iphone had no problems connecting to my radio, now suddenly it has problems. The biggest problem being that whenever i connect my phone to my car, the radio becomes useless as it seems to make a phone call between my car and phone and it just sits idle. So on the display it says Connected 313-xxx-xxxx and the phone call duration timer is going. I cant hang up the call with my radio, i cant change to radio, I cant change anything. My radio literally will no longer respond, the only way to fix it is to disable blue tooth on my phone. Then as soon as I reconnect my phone, it immediately starts the same thing again. Ive tried letting it go to see if its updating something or what, but it just sits there. Sometimes Ill connect it and then it will work fine for a week or two, then one day it randomly makes a call to my phone and holds everything hostage and I have to disconnect it again. This car is a programming nightmare, so many problems with the radio. Does anyone else have this issue or know how to fix it?
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