Alright the Fusion is now back to stock before it gets picked up. Wanted to see if there is any interest in parts before going through the trouble of taking them off.

Anything can be picked up if you're local (New Jersey)
Ultimate Performance Intercooler (already removed) - $750 + shipping
(boxed to bring home, will be shipped much better)

Automotive tire Floor Composite material Gas Flooring
Rectangle Wood Grey Beige Brick

Composite material Gas Flooring Cylinder Wood

Wood Rectangle Beige Floor Material property

Steeda Oil Separator (black billet includes the hose clamps already installed, just have to swap out stock part) - $75
Plastic bag Automotive design Personal protective equipment Automotive exterior Auto part

Illuminated Fusion door sills (Ford OEM - blue) - $SOLD$
Font Gas Cable Gadget Electrical wiring

Shark Fin Antenna (w/nav) painted Magnetic - $70
Tire Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle Water

Gorilla Lug Nuts x20 - $SOLD$
Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Automotive tire

Black Ford Center Caps x4 (see above) - $SOLD$

Ford Performance Spark Plugs (colder plugs like what are installed) brand new. - $SOLD$

Ford all-weather floor mats (black rubber, says Fusion on them) - $50
Rectangle Automotive tire Grey Font Wood