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Hello Fusion Sport owners! I wish the best in your performance endeavors and perhaps can assist for those still learning and seeking new discoveries.

Might be a long introduction but just wanting to get a good informative start around here.

I am joining up since this is going to be the only performance forum I can relate with in terms of modifications, as others may benefit to a degree in their own pursuits. I know many are excited to have an Intercooler option available now, and since darkstar joined up here, I figure it would perhaps be nice to share my own findings in various modifications I have done as well, instead of just lurking around in the shadows. I have been pioneering and testing a wide variety of easy bolt-on modifications for the 3.0T engine, since it is something I expect no others to do and given the average Lincoln buyer market. Most would say I'm crazy given its a new motor design and the amount of upgrades and tinkering I've done on the 2017, but I take pride in optimizing this vehicle while keeping the Lincoln "Quiet Luxury" option viable.

I live in Ohio, but currently working up in Michigan. Currently working in the Grand Rapids area and plotting to go cause some sleeper shock at the US131 Motorsports Park drag strip in coming month. If back in Ohio, I will go to Edgewater Sports Park most likely. I do own a 2014 Ford Fusion Titanium, which I still have as well. It has its own fair share of modifications and tuning from back when I was new to the modding scene, and a great learning tool in becoming confident in learning to make my own research and modification improvements for my MKZ.

While it appears similar, the 3.0 is holding back a lot of its potential due to the restricting stock intake system. It is sad to admit, but I do not blame the impressions most people get if they go test drive a 3.0 MKZ then leave unimpressed. It was done most likely for emissions, fuel economy, and overall budgeting as to way the 3.0 got an otherwise inefficient intake system. Air box overheats, Intercooler overheats, Throttle body is undersized and overheats too. If the dealer puts in 87 octane, the 3.0 really hates it and pulls a lot of timing and it really will not feel that much faster compared to the Fusion Sport running on 87 octane. The major power source the 3.0T has over the 2.7L is boost potential, and tolerance to handle such high pressures. The 3.0 runs on lower compression compared to the 2.7L Ecoboost (9.5:1 vs 10.1:1). The downside to more boost is more heat, and more easily to make PCM sensors unhappy and take away performance. So lower octane is even worse to run on a 3.0T MKZ, than it is on the Fusion Sport.

Enough rambling from me, as I'll do that plenty more later on in various threads and with other members. Below are pictures of my 2017 Lincoln MKZ. 3.0T AWD with the Driver's Package. Fully optioned with everything but the panoramic roof. Factory ordered to spec and Black Label trim, Diamond Black Metallic paint, with the Vineyard interior theme. Over a year old, and looking to be bought at lease end since it hasn't let me down! It's that kind of vehicle where every time I park it, I look back and smile. Every time I get in, I am enjoying the drive always. I have even driven 6 hours straight with this car, as it is that good at keeping me comfortable, alert, and entertained.

I've done the following modifications to it which all have enhanced its performance drastically with all of them being used together:

-Livernois Firm Shift 93 Octane tune
-darkstar Intercooler (installing next weekend!)
-Thermal padded Steeda "Fusion Sport" CAI (Self Modified to fit the MKZ)
-Go Fast Bits Diverter Valve Plus 9358
-Ford Performance 70mm Throttle Body (Previously used BBK 65mm 1894 Throttle Body but its been retired now)
-Ecoboost MSD 8260 Red Coil Packs
-Livernois Throttle Control Enhancer
-Quantum Blue Engine Oil, Transmission Oil, PTU Oil, Rear Diff. Torque Vectoring Oil, and HP Gold Coolant.
-ACES IV Gasoline Formula
-Michelin Pilot Super Sports (Blizzak LM001's in the Winter)

Along with some visual/utility modifications:

-CQuartz Professional Ceramic Coating (Easiest Black car to clean ever)
-Paddle Shifter Extensions
-Door Arm and Buckle Covers
-K&N Cabin Air Filter
-PVD Onyx Chrome wheels (Both for Summer 2017 type and Winter 2015 type Black Label wheels)
-Plasti Dipped Rear Bumper Valance Sapphire Black Metallic.
-Badges relocated to Engine cover and Black Label badge on License plate frame.
-Steeda CD4 Jacking Rails
-4 Note Delco Remy Horns (For the masculine horn sound and the joke of being a "Cadillac Eater" Lincoln)
-Hardwired OBII powered Viofo A119S Dash Cam and Uniden R3 Radar Detector


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