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Hi No Limit. No worries. And just so you know...I did not understand what you stated in your first post to mean you were someone "fresh out of high school and relying on his parents". Not at all.

I read what you wrote, and assumed you were exactly what you stated you were in that first post..."I'm looking to spend as little as possible because Im currently in college.". Nothing more, nothing less. ;)

Having once been someone in college (like you are now,), but who now has the luxury sitting in the back yard by the pool, gazing up at the stars, thinking back, and sometimes saying to myself..."I wish I had done this...", or "Boy...I sure wish I hadn't done that...", all I did was try to give you my best 20/20 hindsight, "boring, sensible shoes...", advice. :cool:;)

But in the end, it is your car, so you should do whatever you feel is best for you.

Keep us updated on your progress and good luck.

PS - Maybe just don't spend money on things that don't do much, if an aftermarket CAI, which is really an HAI (hot air intake) and does nothing for performance, since our cars already have a very efficient CAI from the factory. It simply does not look as colorful and "pretty" as an open element unit. 🙃
Thanks bro I appreciate it , it didn't come out the way I thought in my head😄 so I made it sound like I was a young fool. I was looking at buying a house instead of a car but houses are egregiously overpriced here in Florida rn
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