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Not sure if allowed to sell here on fusion forum, but this car might appeal to some on here. Mods feel free to move/delete!

If interested, PLEASE PM ME!

More Images HERE

Feeling out selling my MKZ, wanted to throw it up here to the community first, in case anyone is looking to get into a 3.0T and wants a car they can trust vs one from a random dealer/vendor. Expecting our first little one and looking into "larger" upgrades and using this as an opportunity to get something newer. I just picked this MKZ up in Nov of 2019, so I haven't had it for even 2 years yet. Do not need to sell it but would to the right buyer if I can get it out of here without too much hassle. So there's the context, here's whats for sale!

$24,000 Firm

2017 MKZ Reserve - 50k mi
3.0TT - AWD - Magnetic Grey, Black Interior
Driver's PKG ( torque vectoring, carbon fiber trim, sport seats, grey upper grill, tweaked DCC settings, black headliner)
Climate Package (heated steering wheel and rear seats)
Sunroof (non-pano)
Revel Audio (middle package)
OEM Carpet Mats (unused) and OEM Lincoln Rubber Mats.
Car has CPO coverage still from Ford!

The car is modified, I would argue tastefully but can provide any/all stock parts. Not planning to remove or partout at this time

Engine: (probably close to 450-465HP maybe more?)
Unleashed 93oct Tune (Torrie Engine and Trans tune), via SCT XCAL4
Steeda CAI kit
UP Garret FMIC core
CpE Performance Rear-Motor-Mount (Lower)

H&R Sport Springs
Steeda Front Strut Brace
Steeda Sway Bars, front & rear - powder coated satin black
Neuspeed RSE-08 Lightweight Wheels - 19x8.5 (focus RS fitment)
Custom drilled centers for M14 MKZ/FordFusionSport lugs
Michelin PS(4) tires, 5,000mi
OEM MKZ Reserve Wheels with Uniroyal Tires (Winter setup)

20% window tint, all but front windshield
Gloss Black Vinyl on: Lower chrome trim, window frames, rear bumper trim
Removed rear emblems
Painted Matched License Plate Bolt covers (Bumper Plugs)

Just did Oil Change, Brake Fluid, Plugs, and Cabin Air filter at 49k (amsoil, motorcraft)
Winter tires have 10k and summer set has less than 5k mi.
Alignment every 4-5 months (car has lifetime program)
Trans, PTU and Rear Diff fluids done at 40k right after purchase. (motorcraft fluids used)
New sway links, strut mounts, bearings, spring perches and hardware replaced with Spring install. (all motorcraft)

I have every receipt, invoice, and an excel record of each modification/maintenance item. Will include these details with purchase.

Car drives very nice, the springs give it the edge/sportiness the car lacks from the factory. Driving in Sport mode lets the car really shine and with the Ps4 rubber the car is very capable around corners and off the line. Almost ZERO wheel spin from a good launch and incredibly confident on curves. Braking is also really advanced with the tires. The lower ride height means taking caution around curbs and speedbumps, but no rubbing or other adverse side effects. The car looks great with minimal wheel gap. The power is readily available and enough to make you say "whoa". I opted for not doing exhaust or upgrading the fueling to keep the car simple, fun, and reliable. But it has more room to grow if you want to take it there, and has been well maintained should you decided to do so. No oil or coolant usage, no CEL, no issues. It is our daily driver and is well cared for. The only issue is the paint is lifting/chipped on one part of the hood. This is a known issue from ford but I have not been able to get it looked at. Otherwise, everything functions great. The seat massage screen sometimes freezes on the screen, but turning off the car and restarting does the trick. Also ambient lighting tends to reset itself back to white every once and a while.

Happy to answer any questions or go into any details further for serious buyers. I cant say enough good things about this car. It was a dream to have and has been a blast to drive. Just ready to move on with it.

Car is located in the west suburbs of Chicago (Naperville) I can arrange shipping through a friend who does private transport, I am also happy to work with you and a preferred provider if you are out of state or looking to do a contact-free transaction. I have bought/sold many cars and am well versed in the process from paperwork to taxation! Please feel free to ask any questions. I own the car outright and have the title.

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Damn I guess you wouldn't be interested in a spoiler, I have a few parts left after moving to a q50 lol
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Took some new images to help with sale - please PM me with any questions.

Stock/Spare Related Parts, included with sale. (wheel is unused extra/spare 5th, no rubber)

Thank you for looking, if you'd like more pics/info, please let me know

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Price lowered to $24k firm. Includes all parts, both sets of wheels, spare 5th Neuspeed wheel, and warranty transfer ($100) on me.

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Update - car has 51k now, but is not being driven much now, so it shouldn't go up much.

Will sell without the Neuspeed / Summer set for $23k, otherwise $24k gets you both sets of wheels.

The wheels were drilled to M14, so they will fit the FSS
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