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2011 Ford Fusion Sport with the 3.5 V6 smokes and runs horrible

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I hope someone on here can help me.
I have a 2011 Ford Fusion Sport with the 3.5 V6 smokes and runs horrible.
I'm pretty sure the problem is too much fuel being sent to the engine, but I can't figure out what the cause is. I've replaced a bunch of parts so far and nothing has worked.
Parts replaced so far:
1) All (4) o2 sensors - pre & post.
2) All (6) fuel injectors.
3) All (6) spark plugs.
4) All (6) coil packs.
5) The throttle body.
Looking around the internet I see people working on various cars with other parts that can cause the issue I have, but either this car does not have those parts or I cannot find on the car. These would include things like a fuel rail pressure sensor, Fuel pressure regulator, and several similar parts I can't remember. Please help if at all possible. I took this to a shop and they told me it was the (2) pre o2 sensors & wanted $1200 to change them. I told them no thanks paid $150 for their inaccurate diagnosis and changed all (4) o2 sensors myself. Did not help unfortunately. I'm usually pretty good with GM cars and have fixed many other imports, but this Ford has me stumped. I bought it used and it ran fine for a few months until this started happening. Any help is appreciated.
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That was my next guess, with the miles on it, wouldn't surprise me if the chain stretched and the tensioners are worn out. I've done a bunch of F 150's for it, the indicator is lack of power up high. A few of us think the chain slaps around inside the timing cover, makes enough racket to cause the knock sensors to pull timing thinking its knock.
I have not done a compression check, but I will try that. Y'all know what the acceptable range is on this motor? usually I'm not concerned with a chain breaking like a belt will if not changed in time, but is there a risk of the chain breaking on this motor? Do y'all know if it's an interference engine?
I will look thru the ford manual and get back to you
okay from what I see in the ford manual 134 on the low side and 164 on the high side for compression, manual also says all 6 plugs must be removed for proper readings and the norm is 5 to 6 revolutions, if all 6 cylinders are low you have a stretched timing chain/cam phaser issue.
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Thanks MY27FUSION!
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They chain doesn't break, and it is a interference motor. They just get bad enough the thing wont run right if at all, and most have it replaced before it becomes a major issue.
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